5th Tsn Business Forum In Zanzibar

 TSN News

Tanzania Standard (Newspapers) Ltd (TSN) will hold it's 5th TSN Business Forum  in Zanzibar on 15th March, 2018. The forum is organized in collaboration with the Second Vise President Hon. Seif Ali Iddi.

The Forum aims at identifying and promoting exclusive social-economic opportunities relevant for the development of Zanzibar.  It will facilitate awareness on emerging business opportunities from business enterprises,

Government plans and policies available to forge social and economic development at national and regional levels. The forum will attract participants from various partners ranging from the government, private sector, and small and medium enterprises (SME),

development groups for youth, and the academia. Participants will enjoy exposure through TSN news channels including newspapers and social media networks.



TSN is honored to invite companies to take part in the forum for the purpose of promoting thier projects. The TSN Business Forum provides organization with an opportunity and platform to:

1. Participate in the promotion and facilitating your business in Zanzibar.

2. Meet the current business community in Zanzibar

3. Meet current and potential investors 

4. Enhance awareness regarding its services

5. Communicate plans and initiatives 

6. Recruit new entrepreneurs and investors

7. Brand their Organization

8. Support governments efforts towards industrialized economy access to investment facilitation


Contact us at info@tsn.go.tz for more information or check the contact us area on this website for more contact options